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Land Rovers and I go way back. 

My love for them started from a young age. I would always tag along to club meetings, excursions and rallies with my Dad and Leon.

Fast forward a few years and I had the opportunity to get my hands on a 1957 series 1, almost a family heirloom
and I was proud to call it my own. ​It was old and batted having had a hard life on the farm in Gisborne, so patina started to show. 

We were finally ready to bring it down to Wellington and moved quickly to strip right back to a bare chassis. Chassis was dip stripped and usual rusts spots repaired, galvanized and then painted.

I made my way onto the bulkhead which was also dip stripped but came back worse than anticipated. I ended up making my own tooling and jigging to complete.

Headlight panel, bulkhead and a few other pieces painted the original colour, RAF Blue.

Everything galvanized was galvanized again. Gearbox rebuilt and whole bunch of other stuff.  I am yet to recondition the engine and a few more things here and there but I’ll hopefully have it ticking along again soon...




John Barraud - owner of JOHN BUILT

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