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JOHN BUILT is a small family run business located in Wellington, New Zealand.

John, the master behind the magic, is currently restoring a 1957 series 1 Land Rover.
After a hard life on a farm in Gisborne, John bought it down to Wellington to start the rebuild.

Unable to source good quality parts he decided to make his own. 

Our process starts with measuring every inch of the vehicle part, drawing them using a Computer Aided Design (CAD) program and then sending them to our local laser cutters to get them cut and folded exact to specification.  

With John's 10+ years experience in engineering and fabrication and a keen eye for detail JOHN BUILT was established to provide you with the same quality parts. 

We specialise in series 1 parts, made exact to original to keep your Land Rover ticking. 



We're here to help!

Fill in the form below or email If you prefer to chat then give us a call on +64 27 230 5288. 

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